SDF closes Ghuwairan neighborhood in al-Hasakah with soil mounds

Yesterday, Friday, the Syrian Democratic Forces, "SDF", closed "Ghuwairan" neighborhood in the city of Hasakah from the northern side.

"Jisr" newspaper, quoting by a private source, stated that "SDF" closed the " Ghuwairan neighborhood" inside of Hasakah city from its northern side with soil mounds, as part of the pressure on the neighborhood by SDF because the people of the neighborhood, which is considered a part of the entire Arab component, refuse the practices of SDF against the people of the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is being deliberate neglected by the concerned authorities.

The source added that the people of "Ghuwairan" neighborhood called yesterday to demonstrate against "SDF" because of the lockdown imposed on its residents, in addition to the deterioration of living conditions, and the discrimination that the neighborhood is exposed to because of its pure Arab component.

It is mentioned that the areas under the control of SDF frequently witness frequently by residents rejecting the practices of the Syrian Democratic Forces against civilians, teachers and deliberate neglect.