Deaths from the regime in clashes with the SDF in the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa

Local sources confirmed that members of the Regime Army's 93rd Brigade were killed, in the vicinity of Ain Issa town, which is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

The local "Ain Al-Furat" network stated that members of the Syrian regime forces shot at a military position of "SDF" in the vicinity of Al-Khalidiya village, near Ain Issa, where clashes broke out between the two intermittently.

The network added that two members of the regime forces were killed during the encounter, followed by a state of alert on the regime forces’ part in the area, and the "SDF" mobilized its forces and ordered the regime forces to leave the areas surrounding Brigade 93, and prevented them from wandering outside the borders of the brigade north of Raqqa.

The network pointed that these developments come within the framework of the escalation witnessed by Qamishli city and armed confrontations between the "Asayish" forces and the regime's National Defense Militia in Qamishli city.

It is mentioned that "SDF" had arrested 7 members of the Regime Army’s 93 Brigade a few days ago on charges of spying on its military points and its headquarters, and it refused to release them until after they were interrogated despite Russian mediation at the time.