Armed men attack an Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrol near Palmyra in Homs countryside

Local sources reported that unknown gunmen, thought to be affiliated with the Russian militia, attacked a patrol of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps near the city of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs, and caused a number of deaths.

"Ain Al-Furat" website said that the attackers were riding a motorcycle when they did the attack, which was done using an "RPG" shell, near the village of Zaghoutia.

The sources pointed that the attack caused killing three members, and destruction of their vehicle, which they were traveling in, as their bodies were transported to the National Hospital in Homs.

This was followed by the militia blocking Homs-Palmyra road and carrying out a campaign of arrests against a number of residents of the neighboring village.

The last weeks, according to Al-Durar Al-Shamiya opposition website, have witnessed a marked increase in the number of attacks targeting Iranian militia sites near Palmyra, especially near the oil wells, which is likely to be behind the implementation of these attacks by local militias affiliated with Russia, as part of the influence war between the two sides.