A second woman applies to run in the Syrian presidential elections

The President of the Syrian People's Assembly, affiliated with the regime, Hammouda Sabbagh, announced new names of those who applied to run for the position of President of the Republic, among them Nahid al-Dabbagh, who is the second woman to run for the posttion.

This makes the number of applicants to run for the Syrian presidential elections 11, including the current president of the regime, Bashar al-Assad.

Nahid al-Dabbagh is the second woman requests for this position, after Faten Nahar, who the speaker of the Council announced the day before yesterday that she had applied for candidacy.

It is mentioned that the applicants need the support of 35 members of Parliament in order to become candidates, running for the presidential elections.

The opposition accuses the candidates of trying to beautify the elections, which it believes Bashar Al-Assad will definitely win, confirming that it is only a "comic play."

And a member of the political body in the Syrian coalition, Abdul Majid Barakat, previously told "Arabi 21", that "the regime's taking this step is a failed attempt to float itself on the internal and external levels."

He added, "These elections are illegal at all levels, especially the legal and moral levels. The regime will only take them in its regions, so they are deficient in terms of sovereignty, he is unable to make any commitment to the Syrians outside the Syrian territories".

He pointed out that the Syrian regime has agreed to enter the political process, and therefore it has no right to conduct elections on its own. Opposition media