The National Coalition calls for freezing the regime

The Syrian National Coalition required the United Nations to freeze the regime’s membership in it and prevent it from representing Syria, similar to what the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons organization did yesterday, Wednesday.

The coalition said in a statement today, Thursday, that the Chemical Weapons Organization had adopted a decision to strip Al-Assad regime of rights and privileges within the organization, including the right to vote and run for the presidency.

The statement added, according to the opposition Radio Al-Kul, that "this decision relates to the work of the Chemical Weapons Organization, but its reasons and background remain valid in the rest of the international organizations."

This means that the United Nations General Authority is also required to freeze the regime's membership in it and prevent it from representing Syria and obligating it to implement international decisions, leading to accountability for those involved in the crimes of using chemical weapons in Syria and other war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The statement confirmed that "the complete regime’s association and involvement with a continuous series of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of using chemical weapons has become a final, documented and proven matter, which transfers responsibility for this to the UN Security Council and the international actors."