Hay’at Tahrir Al-sham broadcasts a video recording the confessions of the killers who killed Minister of Education in Idlib

Yesterday, Wednesday, the General Security Service of "Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham" broadcast a video clip showing the confessions of the group that killed the Minister of Education in the Salvation Government, Fayez Al-Khalif.

The video showed the confessions of the group’s members who killed the minister “Al-Khalif”, who are “Mazen Mustafa Daqsi (Abu Zuhair), Khaled Aliwi (Abu Hajer), Ahmed Mahmoud Jallo (Abu Kanaan), Mahmoud Al-Shater (Abu Mujahid), Anwar Hassoun (Abu Ubaidah)”.

According to the confessions monitored by the Syrian opposition TV, one of the members of the group watched the movement of Minister Fayez al-Khalif in the "Thirty Street" in Idlib city and found his home, and then worked to watching him, at "Al-Mihrab Roundabout" in the city, they parked their car suddenly next to his car, got into his car and threatened him with weapons, then kidnapped him and drove him to the old town of Maarat Misrin.

There they took him to their own car (van) and parked his car inside Maarat Misrin market, then they took him to the countryside of Aleppo and put him in Abdullah al-Tunisi’s house (nicknamed the ship), the plan was to demand a ransom for him, before they decided to kill him later, which is really happened, as he was killed by two bullets after drilling a grave for him.

According to the video, the gang members also confessed that they committed many crimes, including killing an armed military person on the road to the village of Tawama, west of Aleppo, they also killed two members of "Haraket Ahrar al-Sham" in the nearby Darat Azza town, and stole their weapons.

Their confessions also indicated that they started working as a “murder and theft gang” after the so-called “Abu Zuhair” secured a residence for “Abu Hajar” in Idlib and offered him a job in car theft, noting that they had stolen 5 cars and killed some of their owners.

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