Villages and cities in As-Suwayda city call to boycott of the presidential elections

Local sources reported that a statement was issued in the name of several villages and cities in As-Suwayda, rejecting the upcoming presidential elections and calling to boycott them because they are "illegal and do not represent the aspirations of the Syrian people."

North-Press Agency, quoting Samer Al-Zein (45 years), which is a nickname for one of the signers to the statement, said that the statement, signed by young men and women, and dignitaries in the towns and cities of As-Suwayda, rejects the presidential elections that Damascus government calls for, as it is illegal and does not meet the aspirations of Syrian people.

He added, "We categorically reject these elections, because they are theatrical and comic elections, and are planned by an authority that lacks legal and moral legitimacy."

People's Assembly of the Syrian regime had set 26th next May as the date for the presidential elections, after the doors for presidential nomination have been opened.

It is mentioned that the chief of People's Assembly announced that he had received the third candidacy application for the presidential elections, but these requests are not considered effective without the approval of 35 members of the People's Assembly, which is controlled by Al-Ba'ath Party, according to the conditions of candidacy.