Bashar Al-Assad issues a law allowing owners of private vehicles to transport passengers

The Syrian regime’s presidency page, through its official account on Facebook, said that Bashar al-Assad issued Law No. 16 of 2021, which allows small and medium vehicles (tourist - microbuses) registered in the special category, and whose number of seats are not more than ten seats, to transport passengers through the system the electronic application, in addition to the licensing of private companies to transport passengers according to this system.

The presidency said that the new law contributes to reduction the problem of transporting passengers, without increasing the number of vehicles, and saves a lot of time for citizens wishing to benefit from this service, and provides new job opportunities and additional income for owners of private vehicles.

The People's Assembly of Al-Assad regime approved, on 23rd of last month, a draft law for the Ministry of Transport, which includes allowing small and medium cars whose number of passengers aren’t more than10 seats, except for the driver and those registered in the special category, to transport passengers by using the electronic application to transport vehicles

Zuhair Khuzaym, Minister of Transport in the regime's government, claimed that this procedure comes to contribute to transportation of passengers within cities and rural areas and between governorates, and aims to provide safe, reliable and tariff transportation services for passengers.