The Russian Military Police arrests a security officer from the Fourth Division in Harasta, Damascus countryside

Yesterday, local news sources said that the Russian military police arrested an officer of the regime forces in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

The sources pointed that a Russian police patrol raided a headquarters of the Fourth Division in "Harasta" and arrested Major "Sumer Al-Ali," who He holds the position of a security office delegate in the region.

The sources added, according to the opposition Nida Post website, that the arrest process coincided with changes that extended to most officers of the "Fourth Division" responsible for the security file of "Harasta", including Brigadier General "Yassin Ghosa", the military official in the sector, where he was replaced by Brigadier General Suleiman Slaitin.

According to ‘the Capita voice’ network, the checkpoint which headed by "Al-Ali" is known of robbery, extortion, and the imposition of royalties on resident civilians in the area.

It’s good to mention that the regime took control of Harasta in late March of 2018, after a large military campaign with Russian support on the Eastern Ghouta, which ended with imposing a “reconciliation” agreement and displacing who reject it to northern Syria.