A group calling itself (Aleppo Youth Brigade for Special Missions) carries out a security operation against the Assad regime

Local sources said that a special mission brigade, yesterday, did a security operation against Al-Assad forces, in the center of the city of Aleppo.
The sources added that a group calling itself " Aleppo Youth Brigade for Special Missions " announced, yesterday, burning a vehicle of Al-Assad regime, which is a minibus, in Aleppo.
The Brigade, according to the opposition al-Durar al-Shamiya, explained that the vehicle is dedicated for transportation and logistics, and it is affiliated to Liwa Al-Quds militia, adding that the operation took place in Masaken Hanano neighborhood inside Aleppo without revealing the number of dead or wounded, confirming that the car was completely burnt.
It published pictures showing the vehicle before it was burned, with the banner of the "Liwa Al-Quds" militia on it, and pictures showing the same vehicle while it was burning.
It is mentioned that the same neighborhood witnessed previously several bombings, claimed responsibility by the same brigade, the last one was a month ago, which targeted a medium bus dedicated to transporting militia members.