The Revolutionary Guard establishes a huge camp in Sfira in the countryside of Aleppo

Recently, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia began constructing a camp on the left side of defense laboratories of the Syrian regime in As-Sefira town southern, Aleppo.

Ein Al-Furat ,local network, in the region said, according to an informed military source, that the camp will include training fields for military maneuvers and tactics and others for testing weapons, ammunition and heavy artillery, and training fighters on them. It will be available to all formations and Iranian-backed militias in Aleppo and its countryside.

It added that the camp, which is being built on agricultural lands taken from residents, is site for rocket systems, and heavy machinery sent from Special Forces headquarters (Camp Al-Dreij) in Damascus countryside recently.

It is mentioned that the camp is currently under the supervision of Special Forces officers and Iranian engineers known of them: Lieutenant-Colonel Jamil Al-Aswad, Brigadier General Alaa Al-Matar, engineers Jafari Hussein, Yahya Al-Rahim, Asadi Bakrin.