Turkish forces conduct a single military patrol on M4 highway

Turkish forces conducted a single military patrol on the M4 international road "Aleppo - Lattakia", in conjunction with a large military spreading and cutting off most of the secondary roads leading to the international road.

The reporter of Qasiyon Agency in Idlib countryside said that a single military patrol, consisting of several armored vehicles, proceeded before noon today, Wednesday, by the Turkish forces on the international Aleppo-Latakia road M4.

Our reported added that the patrol launched from Al-Tarnbah, near the city of Saraqib in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, and continued near the village of "Ain Al-Hoor", which is controlled by the Assad militia and the Russian forces in the northeastern countryside of Lattakia.

He pointed that the patrol came in conjunction with an intense military calling up of the Turkish forces along its route, and a completely cutting off of all secondary roads leading to M4 road.

He emphasized that the Turkish patrol coincided with an intense flight of well-known Turkish reconnaissance aircraft "Bayraktar", in addition to the reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

It is mentioned that this patrol is the seventh of its kind that the Turkish forces individually run on the international "Aleppo-Lattakia" road south of Idlib, after conducting 25 joint patrols between them and the Russian forces, the last one was on the 25th of last August.