Hezbollah controls a checkpoint of the forth squad in Sayyida Zainab, Damascus

A checkpoint of the regime's Fourth squad, in Sayyida Zainab town in Damascus countryside, was attacked yesterday, Tuesday, Lebanese Hezbollah militia who supported by Iran, after it prevented militia members from entering the area.

Ein Al-Furat network, said by a private source, that a vehicle belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia (type (jeep) carrying five Lebanese members exited from the militia headquarters in the Sheikh Saeed next to Hasr al-Hajj in the center of Aleppo city, going towards the militia headquarters in the town of Sayyida Zainab.

It added that after the car reached to Hajira town, near the shrine of Sayyida Zainab, It was stopped by a checkpoint belonging to the Fourth squad and prevented it from entering, which led to a mobilization of militia members in the area, followed by an attack by the militia on the checkpoint and take over it after the Fourth squad militants had beaten and dismissed them.

It is mentioned that clashes happened between the regime forces and a militia affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, on March 25, because of an element of the checkpoints near the “Abu Ubaidah Al-Jarrah” mosque located on the outskirts of Sayyida Zainab town and affiliated with the “Revolutionary Guard” refused entry of regime members into the city.

The “Sayyida Zainab” area in the countryside of Damascus is considered one of the most distinguished Shiite sects. Where the shrine of “Sayyida Zainab” is an Iranian base for spreading Shiism in Syria, and Iran exploits the presence of these shrines and tombs in order to prove its propaganda that it “protects the shrines and tombs in Syria.” And it worked to create fake shrines and tombs in order to go deep in the Syrian society.