With Russian mediation, a meeting between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the regime in Raqqa

Local sources reported that a meeting was held between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the regime, today, Tuesday, in the northern countryside of AL-Raqqa to end the dispute between them.

The local "Ain Al-Furat" website, citing local sources, said that Russia had invited the official in charge of the Syrian regime forces in the 93rd Brigade, Brigadier General "Yasser Mansour", Brigadier General "Hamid Harfoush", and officials of the public relations office of the "Qasd" (Yawar, Damhat, Kribose).

The website added that the meeting lasted about 3 hours, and it discus the treatment of the "SDF" forces of the Syrian regime forces inside the town of Ain Issa and at the borders of the 93rd Brigade.

It pointed that the leaders of the "SDF" accused the regime forces of spying on them inside Ain Al-town, and refused to release the detainees from the regime forces who were arrested yesterday evening.

The site confirmed that the "SDF" insisted on the decision to prevent members of the regime forces from leaving the 93rd Brigade towards the Ain Issa market in civilian clothing, and the need to obtain an exit permit from the Public Relations Office and not to carry any type of weapon in the market.