Dollars trucks reach to Hezbuallah through Syrian lands

Local sources announced that, during the last hours, the Iranian militias had brought two closed trucks from Iraq into the Syrian Lands, and prevented Al-Assad regime's barriers from stopping or inspecting them.

Today, Monday, the local network, Ain Al-Furat, said that the two trucks entered the illegal Al-Sakak crossing in the border village of Al-Hari in the Albu Kamal countryside in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The network added that four protection vehicles belonging to the Lebanese "Hezbollah" militia accompanied the trucks.

The network added that the convoy stopped at one of the headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Al-Heri, before continuing on its way to the city of Deir Ezzor, and then later to Damascus.

It pointed that the two trucks carry large amounts of dollars, according to informed sources, that will be delivered to the "Hezbollah" militia in Lebanon.

It is reported that Iran sent earlier a similar convoy carrying quantities of dollars and took the same route through Iraq and then Syrian lands, to reach the "Hezbollah" militia in Lebanon. It is reported that Iran has supported the Assad regime in recent years with many militias affiliated to it for fighting in its side, including the "Hezbollah" militia, which lost hundreds of soldiers and leaders at the hand of the leaders of the Syrian revolution