An accelerated spread of Corona in eastern Syria and the SDF impose a total lockdown

The "Self-Administration" operating in the areas controlled by "Qasd" in north-eastern Syria announced the imposition of a total locked down and closing all crossings, because of the escalation of infections with the "Corona" virus.

The Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration issued a decision yesterday, Sunday, in which it announced the imposition of a total lockdown for 10 days, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, and ending on April 22nd.

Excluded from quarantine are shops selling food and vegetables, that they will open from eight in the morning until five in the evening, in addition to hospitals, pharmacies, humanitarian organizations, media professionals, bakeries and gas stations, while the work of restaurants is limited to deliveries orders.

The decision served to close all crossings leading to and from the areas under the control of the "SDF", with the exception of humanitarian cases, patients, students, and commercial movement, in addition to suspending work in all institutions and departments affiliated with the "self-management", with the exception of departments whose nature of work requires continuity.

It is mentioned that the Health Authority of the self Administration announced yesterday, Sunday, recording 3 deaths because of "Corona" virus, in addition to 298 new infections, bringing the total number of infections to 12 thousand and 236 cases, 422 people lost their lives, while 1365 of them were cured