Hezbollah militia arrests a number regime forces in Aleppo

Local sources in Aleppo reported that groups of the Radwan Battalions associated with Hezbollah militia had, in the last two months, arrested many members and officers of the Syrian regime forces on many accusations, including (betraying, leaking coordinates, and making the passage of ISIS fighters easy in the administrative areas connecting Aleppo and Al-Raqqa) and other accusations.

 The sources added, according to the opposition Orient Net website, that the ranks of those arrested officers ranged between (lieutenant and lieutenant colonel), while the militia brought dozens of recruits and members into its prisons, most of them from other militias, mostly supported by Russia, which brings the scenario back to the starting point represented by (the Iran-Russia conflict).

For its part, Ain Al-Furat network revealed that the Hezbollah militia recently transferred prisoners from regime forces from its (Maslakh) prison in the sugar factory east of Aleppo towards the headquarters of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, (Jawad Al-Ghafari) In the town of Al-Nayrab, near the city center of Aleppo, but it did not mention the reasons for this and only mentioned the news without any other details.

According to the sources, the transfer of prisoners came after receiving threats from the (local) regime forces and its security sections, to free the prisoners against their will, especially some of the prisoners are Alawite denomination, and most of them come from Alawite villages in Hama and Homs.