Running a joint Turkish-Russian patrol in the countryside of Kobani

On Monday, local sources reported that the Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with Turkish forces in the eastern countryside of Kobani, northern Syria, and it is the fiftieth patrol between the two sides in the region.

North Agency said that the patrol, consisting of eight Russian and Turkish military vehicles, accompanied by two Russian helicopters, set off from the village of Gharib, which is located 15 km east of Kobani.

It added that the patrol roamed the villages of Qara Mugh, Jishan, Kharabisan Fawqani, and Baghdik, reaching the village of Bandarkhan (Khanh) in the western countryside of Tal Abyad, and then the patrol returned to its starting point in the village of Gharib.

It indicated that the Turkish military vehicles exited from the gate near the village of Gharib, while the Russian vehicles returned to their center in Al-Itha’a area, west of Kobani.

It is mentioned that on the fifth of April, the Russian Military Police conducted the forty-ninth joint patrol with the Turkish side in the western countryside of Kobani.