Afghan fighters fled to Iran

Hundreds of Afghani, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps withdrew during the last hours from Albukamal and its countryside, returning to Iran.

The local "Ain Al-Furat" network reported that more than 200 Afghani soldiers withdrew from the city of AlbuKamal and its countryside, and headed to Iran with no intention of returning.

The network pointed that the withdrawal of the elements came due to Maltreatment by militia leaders, and the death of five members of the same nationality by Corona virus.

It added that the militias had worked to bury the elements near the Al-Hassian area in the AlbuKamal countryside without any appreciation for them or informing their families of their deaths, which the Afghans considered an insult to them.

The network pointed out that the Revolutionary Guard command did not provide the five dead with any care or attention during their illness, which increased the hatred of the Afghani elements and their insistence on leaving the militias.

After the withdrawal it mentioned that the Iranian militias worked to redeploy AlBukamal and move the personnel, military vehicles and ambulances in most areas of the city and its countryside.