Killing the Salvation Government minister in Idlib

The Interior minister of the Salvation Government ‘who is affiliated to Hay’at Tahreer Al-Sham’ announced the circumstances of killing the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Fayez Al-Khalif, a few days ago.

Ahmed Latouf said in a video recording that "gang members who are specialized in kidnapping, armed robbery and ransom in the western countryside of Aleppo, confessed to kidnapping " al-Khalif " for negotiating and a ransom demand.

The Interior minister pointed that: "Al-Khalif knew a member of the gang because he owned agricultural land near his home, which made the kidnappers to cancel the idea of negotiation and kill him several hours after his kidnapping, to prevent being revealed."

The General Security Service of the " Hay’at Tahreer Al-Sham " announced yesterday, Saturday, April 10, arresting a gang that kidnapped and killed Al-Khalif.